The 1D Sailing Week in Review(s)

The 1D Sailing Week in Review(s) is quite simply a Friday post recapping the top programs, products, events, trends or whatever the world of sailing has to offer. These topics may not be from this calendar week, but they are areas of the sailing community that have touched us in any and every way throughout the week. 

So without further ado, here we go:

Trend: Women in sailing
Women in sailing seems to be thriving this week (as it should every week…). With the Red Bra Regatta and the inaugural Sailing Convention for Women both getting big publicity this week, it is phenomenal to see women are finally getting their share of stake in the sailing community. To the benefit of everyone, gone are the days of “women being bad luck on a boat” (though let’s not get ahead of ourselves, bananas are still never allowed on-board), and here are the days where sailing and racing are just that, a genderless term for what they are, sailing and racing of said sailboats. 

Product: Vakaros Atlas
The Vakaros Atlas has blown me away. Historically, you turn on your instruments and LCD block numbers appear on pre-set screens that you can toggle through. Interactive, eh? Vakaros has blown the status quo off of it’s hinges with their new platform for onboard analytics. Be it Flying Tigers or J70’s, M32’s or Etchells, the gents over at Vakaros have created custom platforms for various classes, providing the information you want and need when you want and need it. Taking it one step further, once off the water, you can plug the Atlas unit directly into your computer and peruse all of the wonders of onboard analytics from the comfort of you living room/hotel room/Air B-n-B, tent, RV or sailing buddy’s couch.

Program: Sail GP
When Coutts and Ellison put their heads together, no doubt (massive cash-fueled) genius pours out. The SailGP sailing league is at least a step in the right direction. Hey, another non-monuhull sailing league is a step in the wrong direction in my mind, but one-design boats capable of breaking 50 knots (100 km/h) sailed by national teams across 5 venues can’t be downtrodden by any means. The teams seem to comprised of non-household name sailors (yes, there are household name sailors…) and what appears to be one uber-athlete non-sailor per team shows the true transition of crew criteria from sail-handling to hydraulic power creation. Regardless, more high-level sailing is always a step in the right direction.

Sailing Quote that Resonates With Me:
“Of course, for a seaman, next to being actually at sea, the greatest enjoyment comes from preparing the boat for a voyage.” - Robin Knox-Johnston 

Not sure I agree, but there is nothing more cathartic than goofing around/working/tweaking/fixing your own boat. NOTHING.

                                                                                                                                      - Connor MacKenzie

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