Private Sailing Lessons Toronto

Posted by admin at 9:01 PM on Apr 27, 2016


Dream of sailing but worried about sailing a boat with strangers? Whether shyness is holding you back, or whether you already know how to sail and just need some one-on-one time to refine your skills without being restricted by a still-learning crew, National One offers premium private coaching and instruction to suit your specific needs. The schedule and curriculum are custom tailored by our professional staff to ensure that your goals for a particular skill set or confidence level are met and exceeded. So whether it’s basic sailing, cruising, or racing you’re after, our qualified and personable instructors will be happy to get you out on the water.

Why Choose National One Design Sailing Academy for Private Sailing Instruction?

Quite simply, there is a lot to sailing. But we know how to concentrate on the aspects of sailing that matter. As a Transport Canada Recreational Boating School, we have been acknowledged as meeting the standards expected in the very best training programs. All of our private sailing lessons are facilitated by certified instructors with top notch sailing experience, who know how to deliver focused, organized and stimulating training sessions that make the most of your time on the water.

Our private sailing lessons are:

  • Tailored to your individual abilities and skill level, whether that is beginner or advanced.
  • Completely up to date, with the latest, most effective training in the industry.
  • Insured, comfortable, and safe. Whether day sailing or racing, cruising or charter, one of our top priorities is to ensure your safety at all times.
  • Held in boats that were carefully selected to provide the perfect adult sailing experience.
  • Flexible in terms of day and time – we offer lessons 7 days a week.
  • Held at several convenient locations throughout Ontario.
  • Supplemented by online programming. Our online lessons can augment our one-on-one sessions and use the power of interactive examples and allow you to progress at your own pace.

Who Will Be Giving Me My Private Sailing Lessons?

Our private sailing courses are taught by the best and most highly trained instructors in the sport! If you’ve ever had a truly great coach, whether it was kids’ soccer or someone who inspired you to new heights in your career, you know the impact of great professional coaching – the instructor’s personality and natural teaching ability can make all the difference. That’s the kind of instructor we hire at National One – the very best! Of course, we look for coaches who are experienced and safety conscious sailing instructors who can teach you the skills you need to be a better boater. But beyond that, our coaches are passionate and that means you will have a great time. They’re the best and brightest amateur and pro sailors who choose to give back to the sport by sharing their passions and talents with the next generation of sailors.

In short, whether you are just now learning to sail or are a long time mariner looking to hone a particular skill set, our experienced and enthusiastic sailing instructors can help you broaden your horizons with private sailing instruction that’s second to none.

Private Sailing Lessons – Packages for Everyone

No matter what your skill level, private sailing courses are the fastest and best way to accomplish your sailing goals because you’re getting all the instructor’s time and attention. Our private sailing packages are designed to be comprehensive and meaningful, ferreting out any sailing weaknesses you have and strengthening your abilities so that you become a confident sailor. If you can find a few spare hours through the week to take sailing classes with one of our resident experts, you’ll soon see why a private coach is definitely the way to go. You can work one-on-one through the following modules – or any other specific area you’d like to work on with your coach!

  • Learn to Sail Fundamentals: For complete beginners
  • Learn to Sail Seamanship: You know the fundamentals, but haven’t really practiced
  • Advanced Boat-handling: Refine your skills and sail trimming techniques, learn to sail with spinnakers, learn to responsibly skipper and crew a keelboat in moderate conditions.

Working one on one with an instructor helps you identify what skills to focus on and dramatically improves your sailing. There’s no way to hide in a crowd when it’s just you and your instructor, so your private sailing lessons are always focused and productive! They’re absolutely ideal for new sailors who are too busy to take set courses, or for experienced sailors who already have their sea legs but want a refresher – maybe just in time to get that race winner mug this summer. Of course, a private coach can’t guarantee a win on the water, but they can definitely help you improve your chances and avoid mistakes you may be making during your races.

Let’s Make It Happen and Learn to Sail!

Private sailing lessons provide great value to old and new sailors alike! And though practice does make perfect in sailing as in everything else, it doesn’t take a thousand hours to gain a solid foundation of sailing skills. At National One Design Sailing Academy, we schedule private sailing courses around your availability, in one to four-hour time blocks. Our boats are easy to use and forgiving in nature for the novice, and if you’re an experienced boater you can also feel free to use your own boat for private sailing instruction with one of our awesome coaches.

Isn’t it time to start improving your sailing skills in all the right places? Whether you’re a family wanting to learn a new sport all together while spending some quality time out on the water, or an avid amateur who wants to learn to accelerate off the starting line like a pro in her next race, we offer private sailing lessons that work for you. You may come in shaky but will leave every lesson with practical, basic skills that enable you to operate with confidence on a boat.

Tell us about your plans and we’ll design a program of private sailing classes to match your needs! Call our program director at 905-847-8000 and let’s get on the water.