Corporate Team Building Toronto at the Best Sailing School

Posted by admin at 8:55 PM on May 3, 2016


When you have decided on corporate team building Toronto, whether it’s to treat your staff to an incredibly fun day on the water or promote bonding among departments to improve communication, you want to make sure the event meets your goals – not just for the day itself, but such that you can see long-term changes in the workplace. A corporate team building event at the best sailing school in the GTA, National One Design Sailing Academy, will meet the needs of your team and leave you all feeling enthusiastic, motivated and stoked as never before.

Why Choose Corporate Team-Building Toronto at National 1D Sailing?

Because we have years of experience with sailing, including corporate sailing events. Our full day and half day sailing events have a set program designed to maximize the benefits of your experience on the water, but we will also work within that framework to tailor your team building event to match your needs, wants and desires.

Here’s why you should choose us for your next corporate sail:

• Decades of sailing experience as well as experience organizing successful corporate events of all kinds
• Flexibility in structure: tight structure or less structure depending on your goals for the event, i.e. recreation, skill building, reward, de-stress, bonding, etc.
• Best-in-class instructors who know how to help your team have a great time, even if they’re all complete novice sailors
• Sailing on Lake Ontario is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without depending on the same old tired activities
• You don’t need prior sailing experience; all participants will get a chance to trim sails, steer, and receive basic sailing instruction
• We can arrange corporate sailing clinics, full or half day outings, and special charters for teams of all sizes – on one boat, or multiple boats which can participate in a friendly competition
• Our boats are well-maintained, fast, fully equipped and very responsive; keelboats are perfect for learn-to-sail and team building because they’re easy and fun to sail
• We have three convenient locations to serve you: Oakville, Toronto and Hamilton
• We can arrange a sail that is partnered with other activities you’d like to do, such as a post-sailing social with awards and photos, a celebratory barbecue, nature hike, or an excellent lunch

What Does Corporate Team Building at the Best Sailing School Accomplish?

With the current economic climate, budgets for team based activities of any kind may be shrinking, so you definitely want to make sure you’re getting value for your spend and hitting several goals at once. While corporate sailing can achieve a number of social and recreational objectives such as helping your team unwind from the stress of the office, our team building sailing events also focus on improving hard skills like communication, problem solving, and teamwork.

Couldn’t you just take your staff into the boardroom and have them watch a Power Point presentation on the merits of communication, problem solving and teamwork? Probably. But it wouldn’t be nearly as effective, not to mention fun and above all memorable, as an experiential day on the water! Our brains are so saturated with information that simply telling someone that teamwork is important, isn’t likely to produce the desired change; whereas showing them how to work with teammates to achieve a common goal will help your staff gain self-esteem and leadership skills, a better knowledge of their own strengths and weaknesses, and compassion for the strengths and weaknesses of other teammates. In short, real results!

So what happens on the water? We start by providing an overview of sailing basics to the group, then individually train each team member in the different skills. Think of it like a chef’s brigade, where someone has to be expediting, someone has to be on appetizers, someone has to be on meat, and so on. We rotate through all the positions so everyone learns the basics while also developing their leadership and communication skills. We also do rescue drills, which requires cooperation and effective communication.

Obviously you want your team to be not only cooperative, but to be motivated and eager to achieve, which is where the friendly racing competitions come into play. Racing against team members in other boats, or other keelboats out on the water, will bring out the competitive spirit in your staff as they demonstrate their acquired skills in action.

Give Your Team the Very Best Sail Training That Feels Just Like Fun

One of the benefits of sailing as a platform to teach your team needed skills is, it doesn’t feel like that boring boardroom training. While fine-tuning business skills, your team is also learning how to skipper a keelboat; how exciting is that! Sailing demands focus and staying in the present moment, which is easy because of the breathtaking scenery and the intensity of learning new skills on the water. You won’t see your people distracted by their phones or tuning out; instead, they’ll be developing personal connections that will translate into better cooperation and understanding back in the workplace.

Whether you’d like to see your team get along better or have a specific business objective in mind, we can help you achieve your goals for the day. Just let us know what areas you’d like to work on and what needs to improve at the office. Besides better communication, teamwork and problem solving, which will be natural outcomes of a day spent sailing together under the guidance of our expert coaches, some of the things you might ask us to focus on include:

• Enhancing the bond between staff and management, or between key personnel
• Conflict management
• Overcoming challenges
• Welcoming new team members
• Encouraging breakup of cliques
• Improving productivity
• Encouraging creativity
• Encouraging competition

A special facilitator can work with our instructor and the crew to ensure that these goals are achieved.

Summer is just around the corner and our corporate team building events book up fast. Call National One Design Sailing Academy today to talk about your goals for you and your team – let’s sail away!