Summer Sailing School

This summer try something different!

Try something different this summer at Bronte Harbour in Oakville! Our program is aimed at teens who have never sailed to those with previous sailing experience. Our onboard certified Instructors will guide students through the basics of sailing then progress to one design racing while achieving Sail Canada CANSail levels during the 2 week program.

For students who enroll longer, team and match racing skills will be taught along with advanced sail trim and tactics! Regardless of your length of stay, there will always be something new to learn and do!

Students will find the Flying Tiger 7.5 meter (25 feet) boats with carbon fiber masts and asymmetrical spinnakers fast, exciting, and safe to sail! Everyone learns to steer and crew all positions. Students with similar experience levels and ages will be grouped together but unlike other sports, age has no bearing on the race course! An abbreviated one week program is available at the end of August.

The Flying Tiger 7.5 is a keel boat and cannot tip over. Sail trim and racing tactic books are available for those who want advanced learning but they are not required.

For more info or questions call/text Mark at 905•815•3958 or email mark.hellmann@1dsailing.com

One Week Session

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5
Session 6
Session 7
Session 8
Session 9
July 3-7
July 10-14
July 17-25
July 24-28
July 31 - Aug 4
Aug 7-11
Aug 14-18
Aug 21-25
Aug 28 - Sept 1

Two Week Session

Session A
Session B
Session C
Session D
July 3-14
July 17-28
July 31 - Aug 11
Aug 14-25

One Month Session

Session 1A
Session 1B
July 2-28
July 25 - Aug 25

Course Notes

Most of the instruction is on the water along with some classroom time. The boats are supplied.

Participants will be provided with a MOT (Ministry of Transport) approved PFD (personal floatation device) and are asked to wear non-marking, soft soled shoes. Foul weather gear, sun screen and a hat are recommended.

We follow the Canadian Yachting Association ‘CANSail Program’, which provides safe, standardized instruction to Canadians sailing dinghies for recreation and competition.

Please note course fees will go up 5% after April 1, 2017

Flying Tiger 7.5

CANSail Levels

CANSail 1
This level introduces the beginner to sailing. It covers safety, seamanship, rigging and basic boat handling under instruction and direction in light winds.

CANSail 2
Terminology is introduced to the beginner at this level together with more seamanship and boat handling skills under instruction and direction in light winds.

This is a comprehensive level that covers the minimum knowledge and skills a sailor requires to sail safely and competently without supervision in winds of 8-15 km/hr.

CANSail 3
This level introduces the sailor to sail trim and basic boat tuning. It also covers safety, seamanship, terminology, sail theory, sail shape and advanced boat handling skills in winds of 15-25 km/hr (10-15 mph).

CANSail 4
Spinnaker use, boat maintenance, trapezing and sail theory are covered in this level together with advanced boat handling skills in winds of 15-25 km/hr (10-15 mph).