Transport Canada awards 1D Sailing’s Letter of Participation

Time to ask the tough questions:

This National One Design Sailing Academy program is designed to assist clubs, communities and individuals to understand their regulatory obligations and assure themselves that they are operating in full compliance.

This program will be of interest to sailing schools, boating club, summer camps and other small commercial vessel operators, together with their program directors, instructors, students and parents.

Do you know if the recreational boating school program you are involved with is in compliance with the new law? Do you know what the ramifications are for not abiding by the new regulations? In the event of an accident, are you liable?

The reality is that many recreational boating schools, even some of the most notable ones, are non compliant with the regulations. Is your school one of these? If they are not compliant, they could be subject to fines. More importantly, in the event of an accident, non-compliance could effect their insurability. The simple solution is to ask your club to provide proof of their participation in Transport Canada’s Small Vessel Compliance Program.

National One Design Sailing Academy has developed a “Self Assessment” checklist to assist recreational boating schools in determining if they are compliant. In addition to that, we can send a member of the 1D team to help review your program and make recommendations.

National One Design Sailing Academy also offers a turnkey program for recreational boating schools that enables them to offer boating education profitably without the financial risk, the volunteers or the regulatory concerns.

Call the office today at 1-800-825-8719 or 905-847-8000 and ask Jim Pollock to send you a self assessment checklist and give you the details of our program to assist your program to become fully compliant.