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Helly Hansen St. Petersburg NOOD

Sailing World presents the Helly Hansen St. Petersburg NOOD Regatta on the 17th to 19th of February. The regatta is hosted by the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, which was founded in 1909 and is located right downtown in the heart of the city.

The regatta is a 3 day event starting on the Friday and concluding with awards on Sunday. The North U Clinic with Bill Gladstone and his team of professional coaches runs on the preceding Wednesday and Thursday.

1D Sailing’s fleet of 10 Flying Tiger 7.5’s will be on hand and ready to go. Where ever you are on the learning curve you can accelerate your rise. Take years off the normal experience. One coach to every 5 participants means very personal attention which enhances the opportunity for growth.

Learn tactics, starting in varied conditions, sail trim, helming, weight placement, hoists and douses, proper downwind angles and rules. Learn how to maximize your strengths and strengthen areas of weakness.

Our Flying Tiger 7.5’s are fast, agile and fun. With square top mains and masthead asymmetrical spinnakers they’ll put a smile on your face when they light up downwind. With ballast to displacement ratio of over 50% they are extremely stable. With huge cockpits, space to work is not a problem.

Full boat charters are available for US $tbd which includes the North U Clinic, professional coach for both the clinic and regatta as well as regatta registration and everything that comes with that. Individual registration is US $tbd and we will put you on a boat with a maximum of 4 others to enjoy and learn.

For further information contact Jim Pollock at or call us at 1-800-825-8719, ext. 104